Nov 10, 2014

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What To Do When Adding Video To a Social Media Project

What To Do When Adding Video To a Social Media Project

Video files can be great to have during any social media project. These videos can be very easy to embed into any social media post. The programming for a post will already be there to use; all it takes is a little bit of extra effort to get a video to become more useful. 

If you are running a social media page and you want to do a little more with your project then you will have to take a careful look at how you are adding your video to the project at large. You should not have too much trouble with trying to get many of these functions up and running as needed. 

Make Sure the Video Is Relevant 

As fun and appealing as it can be for you to add videos to your social media project, it is best for you to add video to projects if the video in question is relevant to whatever you have to use. If it is actually relevant then it will be easier for people to take whatever you have to say a little more seriously. This can make a huge difference when it comes to showing that your efforts on a social media page are worthwhile. 

Make Sure It Loads Well 

You need to be certain that the videos you are working with as loading as well as possible. Make sure your videos are loading to the point where they will be rather easy to use and enjoy. If your videos take forever to load and are holding up a computer or device’s processor then no one is going to watch your videos. Therefore, you need to use videos that are easy to load and will work just fine with any kind of integrated player that a social media site might have to work with. 

Be Short 

video-1It is best to stay as short as possible when you are creating a quality video. It is always smart to stick with videos that are only a few seconds in length so you’ll have a much easier time keeping someone’s attention. This is a big part of why Vine and Instagram have become popular in recent time. These are programs that use videos that are very short and are amazingly easy to use. 

Don’t Be Intrusive 

You may be given the option to have your video automatically play out when a page opens. While this might make it easier for you to get whatever you want to say to be easier to notice, you are better off keeping any auto-play features off when getting your videos ready. If your videos started up on their own then you are only going to annoy people no one wants to be forced into watching a video; people want to have the option to open up a video as it comes about. Be respective of that preference when posting videos online. 

Video can really make a difference in any kind of social media project. Make sure you watch for whatever you are going to do when you’re trying to make your project work as well as needed.

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Nov 10, 2014

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What People or Companies Can Do To Respond To a Social Media Disaster

What People or Companies Can Do To Respond To a Social Media Disaster

A social media disaster can occur at any time. For instance, a person who ran a social media campaign for KitchenAid once tweeted a message mocking a political candidate whose mother had just recently did. In addition, McDonald’s created their #McDStories campaign to talk about their food but that hashtag turned into one that people would use in order to talk about their own personal horror stories relating to eating McDonald’s food. 

These are good examples of social media disasters. These can be hard to go through due to the strong words that are often used in these events. However, people can respond to social media disasters if they know what they can do in order to keep them from being worse. 

Avoid Hiding 

It is key for people to avoid trying to hide any problems that have come about. The problems that can happen might spread rather quickly so it is best for a company to address the problem in some way. 

It is one thing to delete something that happened but it is even better to talk about it. Address the issue upfront and explain why it happened and what can be done in order to prevent it from taking place. If any actions have been done as a result of the issue then feel free to talk about what happened. 

For instance, the Onion, a satirical newspaper site, posted an offensive message about a child actor on Twitter. The Onion then broke from its satirical nature and made a comment apologizing for the issue and talking about the recourse that had been done following the problem. 

Control One’s Image 

social media disaster-1It is also important to build one’s image back up to create a more positive impression. The Onion did this not long after its Twitter issue by posting a satirical news story about how things are going fine with the newspaper and that they haven’t offended anyone in the last few days. 

In addition, McDonald’s resolved their image issue by offering a new campaign. This is one where the company would answer questions relating to the myths and rumors about where the company’s food comes from. 

Avoid Knee-Jerk Responses 

Finally, while many people feel that it is best to respond to certain issues as quickly as possible, doing so only makes it easier for those issues to pop back up over time. Therefore, it will be essential for a person or company to avoid knee-jerk responses. A company can spend a day or two to figure out a smart response. If an immediate response is used then the odds are it may not be a well thought-out response that is crafted with more than enough care. 

It is critical for all people or businesses to know what they can do in the event that they go through serious problems relating to their social media pages. All people must be certain that they know what is going to happen with their sites and what they can do in order to keep real problems from becoming any worse than what they might already be like.

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Nov 10, 2014

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Social Listening Is Becoming Popular In Social Media

Social Listening Is Becoming Popular In Social Media

It is one thing for people to share their own messages and values on social media but it is a completely different story for those same people to listen to whatever is going on around a social media environment. Social listening is a critical point for all people in the social media world to take a closer look at with regards to interacting with other people while online. 

What is Social Listening? 

Social listening is a type of activity where a person will do more than share messages on social media. That person will also respond to anything that people have to say in response to those messages. The best way to describe it is that it is as though people are talking to each other and sharing whatever is on their minds. They want to talk in detail about things that they are interested in and are not afraid to be open in some way. 

This can work in many forms and can easily be utilized by anyone who wants to learn more about how to use different aspects of certain social media sites: 

  • A social media user can respond to tweets on Twitter.
  • That person can also add responses to messages that were posted on Facebook.
  • Video responses may also be used on YouTube. In particular, a person can post a video on YouTube and either respond to comments on that video’s page or add a new video in response to the comments. 

The things that may be done in the social media world are truly fascinating. The ability to listen to and respond to the needs that people have on social media sites can be rather critical. 

Why Listen? 

Social listening is important for all sorts of people to consider when running their social media sites for a number of good reasons: 

  • Social-Media-Listening-1It shows that a person is paying close attention to those who are watching a site. This places an emphasis on the fact that the person knows that others are interested in whatever it is one has to say at a given time. People want to know that they are being heard no matter what they are saying on such a page.
  • It also allows for conversations to start up. A friendly conversation can really add to the link between the social media page operator and whoever might be reading the site.
  • It also adds a little more value to the social media content. People are often more likely to see such content as being a little more valuable if they know that someone is behind the scenes taking care of every individual aspect that relates to getting the social media campaign up and running. 

Social listening is more than just a simple concept to follow. It is also one that shows that a person is out there and is listening to whatever it is someone else has to say at a given time. It can be a very critical aspect of running a page that anyone could benefit from these days.

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Jan 9, 2015

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Podcasting About Technology? Watch What You Do

Podcasting About Technology? Watch What You Do

If you are going to create a podcast about anything then you need to be certain that you are able to create something that you know what will be sensible for the needs that you might hold. This is especially the case if you want to establish a podcast that is all about the world of technology.

Podcasting about technology can be fun to do. You can share your ideas to the world about anything relating to this expansive field and even buy Soundcloud followers over at this website to promote your work. However, you must be certain that you watch for what you are getting yourself into when getting a podcast about technology up and running.
• Be sure you have a clear theme that you want to address. This theme can be about something like Mac products, Linux systems or mobile devices. If there is one thing that interests you above all else then try to focus on that one point.
• Make sure that you take a careful look at the ways how you are describing things to other people. You might want to simplify some of the things that you want to address so it will be rather easy for you to go places with whatever you’ve got to use.
• If you want to talk about different products then make sure you stick with the latest editions of whatever is around. While it is true that some episodes may be outdated after a while, you need to make sure your knowledge of products is as up to date as possible. Besides, you can always post updates and new episodes to continue the discussion on something later on as desired.
• Never think that you are going to get your podcast to become more visible by just addressing popular items. You need to have some substance to your work. Talk about the technical aspects of items, how to troubleshoot things or anything else that you personally know about technology. If you have knowledge that you want to impact onto the average listener then you should use your podcast to give people a word about what you know and how interested you are in it.
• If you are able to talk with other people who are experienced with making technological products then try and land some interviews with them. People are often going to be interested in hearing what others have to say about their items if they just listen to a show and see who the guest is.
• Finally, you need to just be polite and calm. If you’re a nice and welcoming person then people will certainly be interested in listening to you and everything that you want to say.

Podcasting about technology can really be something that you should think about with care. You need to watch for how you’re going to get a podcast running so it will be easier for you to do a little more with anything you want to showcase.

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Jan 4, 2015

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Social Media and Young Adolescents

Social Media and Young Adolescents

Social media platforms are expanding so quickly that they are practically exploding. Thousands of users join these sites every day, joining the millions of existing users on the biggest platforms. It seems like just about everyone has a social media account these days.

Teens have always wanted to go to spaces where they can interact with their peers in a relaxed environment, free from adult supervision. So it’s no surprise that they are drawn to social media sites in droves.

Many adults are shocked and concerned about the amount of time their preteens spend online. If you really think about it, though, they are spending no more time online than today’s adults did at physical locations with their friends. Social media simply allows them to interact digitally instead of being in the same physical space.

Social media doesn’t socially isolate adolescents. Instead, it actually gives them more chances to interact. Teens today are often restricted from going places with their friends without adult supervision. Social media platforms mean that they can talk to their friends while stuck at home, instead of watching TV or other solitary pursuits.

Many parents worry about sexual predators when their child is online. However, studies have shown that less than one percent of socially active teens have ever had an encounter with a sexual predator. Most people online are just like most people in the real world; they want to talk to your child for completely innocent and often beneficial reasons.

kids on internetThat is not to say that the social media world is free of dangers and traps for younger adolescents. One of the biggest dangers is so-called “freemium content”. Freemium content is games that say they are free to play, but encourage players to spend money to enhance their in-game experience. Younger players may not be aware of the psychological tricks these games use to push users to buy, and are also less likely to realize quite how much money they’ve spent in the game.

In addition, some games and social media platforms are completely free but the users can spend money off-site through third-party retailers for in-game items and currency. This happens in almost any social media based game. For example, if your child plays Neopets, they can spend quite a lot of money buying Neopoints, the game’s currency. The super fast reply time of these sites means that your child has spent the money and received their digital goods before you even realize the credit card is missing.

Make sure your child is aware of all of the consequences of their activity on social media. Just because your child isn’t off buying Neopoints doesn’t mean they aren’t getting into trouble. Help them to realize that posting content online means that content is available to everyone, and for pretty much forever. Long-term consequences don’t mean much to teens, so you’ll need to create short-term ones.

There’s no need to monitor your child’s use of social media all the time. Constant monitoring of the activities of adolescents is what drove them to social media in the first place. Keep an eye on them, but don’t force them further away. Let them be children, and let them interact with other children.

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Dec 20, 2014

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Using Social Media Responsibly With Gaming Points In Mind

Using Social Media Responsibly With Gaming Points In Mind

You might want to think about what you’re going to do when getting your social media site to really stand out. Part of this might entail the need to use good updates that you know will not be all that hard for you to utilize. Part of this might entail a number of gaming points that you might enjoy using.

Sometimes you can use social media sites to let people know about different types of updates relating to games that you might play. However, you might want to watch for what you are doing when it comes to getting gaming posts going on social media.

Watch For Notifications

You might want to turn off the notifications on any apps that you use. Don’t link your social media sites to your gaming apps or else you will start to clog up your social media page with updates relating to all that stuff that you are doing with a game in particular. Don’t ever assume that people are always going to be interested in anything that you are doing when it comes to games. Focus instead on using updates to your social media sites that are relevant to everyone. You might need to be aware of the updates that you have based on what they are about as sometimes the updates that come from notifications might end up being a real hassle to anyone who is reading stuff on your site.

kids playing social media gamesKeep Your Invites In Check

You can invite people to play with different games through social media messages. However, you must make sure that any invites that you create are designed to where they are to those who will actually be interested in whatever you’ve got. You have to keep all your invites in order so it will not be all that hard for you to really get more from your plans to get people to be more interested in whatever you have to talk about on a social media site.

Keep Your Games Appropriate

You should also be certain when using social media that your messages relating to the games that you play are appropriate for sharing. For instance, you might use social media to tell people about how you have Neopet paint brushes from However, the people who frequent your page may not be all that interested in Neopets-related stuff.

That’s why you need to be careful when finding ways to make your social media page stay functional. You might need to talk about games that your fan base might be interested in. Don’t bother talking about random stuff that is not all that appealing or else people will stay to be turned off of whatever it is you are trying to discuss. It’s a challenge for some to do but it’s something that is worth taking a closer look at.

Social media can really fit in well if you know what you are going to do at any given time. Make sure you are careful when getting all your gaming points in check when getting any kind of social media page ready for your demands.

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Nov 14, 2014

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What Goes Into a Vape Pen Review?

What Goes Into a Vape Pen Review?

A good vape pen review can help anyone to learn more about the many things that can go into such a product. There are many great vape pen options likes the ones that are profiled at Pier 420 on the market today. People who are looking to get quality vape pens should take a look at different reviews as they are published in order to get some good ideas on what they can get out of them and if they are suitable for many of their general smoking needs.

How Is It Set Up?

Many of these reviews are organized with information based on how much effort is needed in order to get such a vape pen ready for use. This information can be ideal for those who are trying to learn a little more about how to get such products ready for their own use.

The setup process often entails many different pieces like a battery and a cartridge among other items. These are typically designed to help you get more out of a smoke so you’ll really have something that is suitable and ready for the demands you might hold.

woman using vape penWhat About the Heating Process?

The heating process that comes with getting such a vape pen ready is important to watch for. In most cases a battery has to be used in order to make it full active. In other cases it can be heated up with a lighter. Either way, a review will have to explain everything about how it is to be set up in particular. A page dedicated to a Vape pen at Pier 420 can give you a good idea of what to expect on some way.

How Does It Feel?

The feeling that one gets when drawing upon a vape pen can vary based on the model one has. In some cases a vape pen might be designed to make it feel like it was a real cigarette. This can be a commonplace option worth exploring when finding a way to make the body feel great when using it. It can feel rather interesting and refreshing without all that guilt that comes from the use of traditional cigarettes.

guy with vape smokeWhat Flavors Are There?

There are many good types of useful flavors that a vape pen can come with. These include such options as traditional tobacco flavors as well as some fruit or chocolate tones. In some cases these may also support natural plant materials that may be added as needed. These have to be ground up properly to ensure that you will have something that is easy to smoke and enjoy as desired.

If you look around to see what types of flavors are around then it might be easier for you to enjoy a good smoking product. You may want to see how this is designed so you’ll know what you can expect out of such a product if you are going to try smoking it for any reason in particular.

A vape pen review can really be critical for those who want to learn more about how to use such a pen. This kind of pen can work well for those who want to handle different types of smoking materials that are generally safer than what may be used elsewhere.

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Nov 12, 2014

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Is a Thank You Note App Great For Your Messages?

Is a Thank You Note App Great For Your Messages?

You might find the use of a thank you note app to be useful and attractive for the demand that you might have. If you take a look at a thank you note app then you might discover that it will be rather easy for you to send special messages of gratitude to others. In particular, you can use this for when you send messages to people who attended meetings or those who came to a wedding.

However, as convenient as this type of app appears to be, you might want to be rather careful if you are going to use it for any purpose. While a thank you note app can be ideal to have for your needs, you must be extremely careful as you try and use it for any purpose.

How Is the Template?

A thank you note app can help you out with a good template that will be suitable for a message relating to a specific event. For instance, a template may help you set up a wedding thank you card wording plan from Wedabuddy with care. This can be rather smart and easy to use but it will work even better if you avoid using the same text every single time.

You might have to make alterations to individual messages. This is to especially show a personal connection between you and whoever it is you are sending the message to.

thank you card

What Forms Are There?

The forms in a thank you note may also be adjusted through an app. These refer to where you will enter in such things as the name of a card recipient, the details of the person and even points on one’s life.

This can be ideal but be aware that not all apps can work with an extensive variety of forms. You will have to be cautious when getting such an app ready when trying to interact with other people.

Thankyou typefaceDon’t Forget Graphics

Sometimes graphics or a special typeface may be used in your messages. These can help you create a more unique and spectacular look that will blend in quite well with whatever it is you want to say. You might want to look into the graphics to see if they are appropriate and sensible for the message that you want to send though.

Is Digital a Good Replacement?

Finally, you have to look at whether or not a digital message is appropriate for the specific type of message that you want to send. You might want to send your message based on the importance of the event. In many cases digital messages can be sent when thanking people for showing up to a business meeting. However, a physical message might be better for a more formal type of event like a wedding.

Overall, a thank you note app can really work well but it is best for you to be aware of each individual message you send. Make sure you double check every message you create and to adjust your messages as needed to make them more useful and attractive for all who want to see what is to be said at a given time.

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